The Search For Meaning

Two friends discuss honest questions about God

Life today is busy. And all too often, the demands of a hectic daily schedule keep us from pursuing answers to life's big questions, the kinds of ultimate questions that give us a sense of who we are and why we're here. Questions like why things don't often go our way, how we should live life and what happens to us and our loved ones when we die.

We're all vitally interested in these kinds of questions, but may be afraid that there are no answers, or that if we ask them to friends and family they'll just give us a pat, condescending, dogmatic answers; or worse, that they'll criticize, judge or even reject us.

Listen in as Bill and Lamar, two good friends, discuss their big questions with openness, honesty, logic, evidence, and a great deal of mutual respect. These are the kinds of conversations we've all wished for but perhaps thought couldn't happen.

There is real help in these dialogues for intellectually honest people who want faith in God to make sense, who want to build a solid basis for purpose, meaning, ethics, and personal priorities in life.

10. What does it really mean to "believe"?

1. Isn't it too easy? — Starts at 0:00
2. It's either impossible or free — Starts at 5:02
3. The role of reason and doubt in faith — Starts at 10:17
4. Transferring the trust — Starts at 15:33
5. Faith plus performance? — Starts at 19:24

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